Taren's Subscriber Tried It! #GirlPower

This video is a response to Taren Guy's subscriber on her video, "Why I Started My Freeform Loc Journey". After being inspired by her video, I posted a comment saying, "I LOVE this!", and was met with a bit of negativity from one of Taren's subscribers. Her criticism was around hair texture and the possibility that Taren would probably not subscribe to a woman with 4C hair like mine. You'll hear a bit more in the video, though.

Women, I really think it's important that we begin to really uplift one another. Let's stop the this unhealthy competition, bashing, and shaming of one another. I know there are beautiful things happening all over the world, but we as humans have become so drawn to negativity that sometimes it's all we hear about. We can't sit here and keep saying catty things about other woman then turn around and expect children to watch us and intrinsically know that I ACTUALLY don't want to be treated that way as well. Others will follow suit as well because WE write the rules on what is acceptable and not. It's a horribly cycle and we have the power to stop it!

Taren's Video HERE