Hair Texture Discrimination

I wanted to take a moment to address the topic of texturism and texture discrimination in the natural hair community. It DOES exist. I know because I'm a woman with 4 C hair who consistently witnesses women with looser textured hair get exalted and re-shared in social media over women with kinky hair. It's a BIG issue and anyone who is angry (or not) has the right to voice their opinion. All I ask is that we share constructively. I believe we can all benefit from more conversation on this topic. I also believe we all should remember that there are larger issues that deserve our attention and we should band together as women to make sure we are treated better as a whole. I believe it's possible to have pride in 4 C hair or 3C hair without putting another woman down. I also believe that women who experience privilege because of their appearance SHOULD speak up. We need to love on one another now more than ever. Share your thoughts, but share them with love.