Fashion Haul For Athletic Body Types | Hot Miami Styles

For a very long time I've felt ashamed of my athletic body type. I build muscle very easily, have always had bigger arms, shoulders, and calves than any of my female friends. I struggled finding my personal style in a sea of photos with beautiful petite and curvier women. Fitness pages give me inspiration, but I see a void in how to style that body type beyond workout clothing. This video is for all of you ladies who feel the same way and want a little inspiration. I'm consistently working on my fitness goals and don't have the body I aspire to yet, but I've learned to appreciate what I have and feel proud of my muscles along the way. Thank you for recognizing my differences and appreciating them anyway.

In this video I take you through a fashion haul and try on from Hot Miami Styles and explain to you why I chose the pieces I did for my athletic Meso-Endomorph body type.