Transitioning Hairstyles | 2 in 1 Protective Style

Day 26 #100DaysOfstyle

I'm back with another hair tutorial! What I like about my tutorials is that they are usually heat-free and can be adapted for many hair types. From natural, relaxed, and texturized, you can adapt this look for you. Perhaps instead of perm rods, you use curl formers, or prefer jojoba oil over coconut oil. It's all up to you to use this guideline and make it work for your needs. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Products You'll Need

Leave-In Conditioner, Detangler, or Styling Cream: I'm using Kinky Curly Knot Today because it's light-weight, dampens the hair, and is silicone-free.

Tail Comb: Using the sharp tail allows you make crisp-straight parts with ease.

Coconut OilThis is my favorite oil. It softens my hair like none other and helps me with detangling on damp hair. Using oil under the gel keeps the hair soft and bouncy.

Perm Rods: This creates smooth curls and is especially great for transitioning hair. If you can, buy the perm rod papers so your hair doesn't stick to the rods.

Gel or a High-Hold Styling Product: You have to get something that has a ton of hold to keep those curls in over time. Eco Styler Gel isn't as flaky as most gels, and combined with an oil, gives a lot of shine and bounce.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you try is, post your version on Instagram and tag me so I can leave a comment on your post. See you next week!

∞ Toya

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