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Happy Friday! I'm pleased that I can write this post about my year and can come from a peaceful place. When I look back on last year, I feel proud of all I've accomplished, but navigating professional relationships was, well, challenging...especially when you're in "the industry".

Lets begin with the sources of my joy this year. I'll make a list.

I bought my first car!! A used 2011 Nissan Leaf. 

I officially bit the bullet and joined SAG-AFTRA. A union for actors.

I registered my first small business. 

I created and launched this website. Thank you for joining me.

I saved money (that I spent on the car). 

I got to see my mother this year!

By far, the last is my favorite. It's had been SIX years since I'd seen my mothers face. I was blessed enough to buy a ticket and surprise her with the news that she would fulfill her lifelong dream of visiting California. It was surreal seeing her, really. It didn't sink in until the second day of her visit. We had a ton of exploring, she did my hair, and caught up on life-in person. Just like mothers and daughters do. I wouldn't take the experience back for the world and I miss her already.

My boyfriend's mother also visited the same weekend and we all got to hang out.

I have tons more photos to show you from our visit to Venice Beach. I'll make a separate post because I'd like to keep those memories documented too. No worries!

My mother, me, Vonda 

My mother, me, Vonda 

I met a good amount of celebrities this year. I kicked off 2015 partying at Jamie Foxx's house, attendedRaven Simone's LA going away party, and met Taye Digg's as he promoted his new book.

Jamie Foxx (actor/musician)

Jamie Foxx (actor/musician)

Tay Diggs (

Tay Diggs (

I got to explore Los Angeles more and even went on a suppose helicopter ride!


Let's talk about the challenging stuff, shall we? The people in LA are great. I've met some very cool people that grew up here and are sweethearts. Professionally speaking, though, building genuine relationships with industry people on the rise can be tricky.  For example, I've gone to many auditions and call-backs with producers who have been amazingly sweet. They see me as a talented actress and treat me as such. Sometimes I book the job, a lot of times I don't, but they (thankfully) never seem sketchy. Successful people that are happy, don't need to use tricks to get what they want. They are confident and do business fairly. One the other hand, a large portion of people who are looking for success live in fear. Some lack faith and believe that using a persons desires to lure them in to cheat them is the way they will get ahead. Desperation, jealousy, greed, and fear make people forget who they are and destroys everything in its path. It's a horrible thing I've encountered and I lost a lot of relationships over dishonest intentions. It was necessary, but still hurt.

I made a video catching you up and elaborating on some of the highlights. A great book, The Alchemist, talks about pursuing your own personal legend. This blog and my videos document my pursuit and I'm blessed to have a community of people like you to share my life' journey with. Please post a comment sharing last year's events you are grateful for and a challenge or two. Thank you for joining me, and stay tuned for a new post next Friday!

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Before I go, DIVA ALERT!!

My current obsession is Scentbird. It a monthly subscription service that lets you try designer fragrances every month for $14. You get a whole month's worth in a cute travel spray for half the price of the traditional purse size at the department store. My favorite so far has been "Flash" by Jimmy Choo. It's a fruity floral with this electric vibe that I like to wear on flirty nights out. Every time I put it on, it makes me want to go dancing...or maybe someone in my past wore it on girls night out long ago. It's funny how fragrances bring back old memories.

Because I liked it so much, I mentioned it in a random favorites video and it got Scentbird's attention. Now they are letting my spread the word with a special coupon to save you some money on your first month. Click the direct link above to get the discount. Sometimes they give out the first perfume for free, so make sure you check out the site too.


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