How To Look Sexy At Any Age

How To Look Sexy At Any Age

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Getting older is an interesting thing. There are so many things I'm grateful for like, more wisdom and confidence. But there are also things that lay heavy on my mind like, a slower metabolism or staying sexy and desirable with age. In many cultures, women have it worst.  When I think of all the categories we need to excel in, it’s almost like we must be Superwomen instead of simply women. And let me be clear, being a woman is extraordinary enough, though at times we’re made to feel it’s not.

Here’s the common list: have a successful career, a husband, children, maybe a dog, and look amazingly chic and effortless in under 20 minutes. Every Single Day. It’s no wonder so many of us are insecure and in despair! First let me say, you are enough just the way you are. The tips I am sharing are just frosting on a well-made cake. If you read these tips and decide to try them out, do it. You deserve the time to devote to yourself. If you have to bookmark this page, pin it, or share it with a friend, do it. This is your life and it’s your choice how you want to present yourself to the world. You’re fucking amazing and hot.

5 Key Tips For Getting Your Sexy On

1. Confidence 

I'm not going to harp on this one much, but I’ve got one thing to say. If it doesn’t make you feel good, don’t put it on. Those 5 inch Louboutins aren’t for everyone. Quite frankly, if you own a pair of high heels that you can’t walk in, you probably don’t look as hot as you think. Don’t buy clothing you have to keep adjusting and checking in the mirror, because it doesn’t make you feel good or look good for that matter. Forget the idea you have in your head about what everyone else wants you to look like, what do you want to look like? Wear it and wear it proudly!

2. Add Color

Some people love bright colors, some people live in neutrals. If it’s been a few years and you haven't switched things up a bit, try buying something opposite of what you normally buy in a cut you feel comfortable in. Maybe start with an accessory and work from there. P.S. Nordstrom is have their Big Anniversary Sale until Monday, August 7, 2016.

3. Get and Stay Fit

I can’t begin to explain what a difference it makes in how your clothes look when you are actively staying fit and healthy. A person can put on a tank top and jeans, and if they are fit, it can make a simple outfit look top notch. Eating healthy and working out builds discipline and also gives you energy and a lightness of spirit. Very attractive.

4. Learn Makeup Basics

I don’t think makeup is one hundred percent necessary, but I’m a huge advocate for learning how to enhance your natural beauty. I’m not a huge fan of caking makeup on to go get groceries, but it’s nice to be able to do your own makeup for special events or when you want to bump up your look. I wear makeup six days a week. Mainly because I’ve built the habit from being a makeup artist, but I love it because I feel polished daily. It also nice to give myself that personal time when I’m getting ready.

5. Learn Your Hair

I may be a little old school, but I believe a person’s hair can make or break their look. It’s important to learn your hair type and what products and styles work for it. Learn quick and easy styles, and every once in a while try something new. My hair can be very difficult because it tangles easily and can take hours to style. I”ll tell you what, though, I get the most compliments at the work place on my hair over anything else because I take the time to do it. I try to do hairstyles that can last up to three days, but you should figure out what works for you. Keep it simple. Every hairstyle doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, it’s meant to frame your beautiful face…and protect your scalp from the sun.

Day 21 #100DaysOfStyle

Photography | Victor Isaac Alvarez

This is the outfit I wore in Vegas for my birthday. It’s a very sexy, bright red dress that made me feel like a million bucks. I think it was evident in how LIT my snapchat was that night. I’ve got that VLOG video posted below ;-)

Dress | Hot Miami Styles • Purse | Aldo • Shoes | Zara • Necklace | H&M • Watch | Apple

Recreate This Look!

Did I miss anything? If this resonated with you, share it with your girlfriends. Comment below and tell us what your tips are for staying sexy at any age. Leave your website link for us to check out too!

Check Out My Vegas Vlog!


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