Grind in Grey

Day 9 #100DaysofStyle

I've recently got a new surge of "just do it." In the gym or in life, sometimes you just have to suck it up and put in the hard work. Forget about your fears, forget about who is watching you, and forget about everyone's expectations. What makes you happy? Most of us know it, but are afraid to go after it. Fear of failure is real, just as real as fear of success. What if hasn't happened, so let's stop worrying about it. I know, easier said than done...but what if you just said yes to that itch? We all have dreams and desires. Don't you think they are there for a reason? I get it, s*** happens. It happens to me, it happens to you, and it won't stop happening. But what if you said yes to a small something today and another tomorrow? Sooner or later you'll be doing it like a pro. Or maybe you'll try it and realize you hate it, then find the true thing you're meant to do. My point is, you'll have no lingering "what if". You don't have to be perfect at it. You don't even have to be good yet. You just have to start and see what happens. 

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