Fashion, Decor, & Taye Diggs

I thought I would share some cool things I did toward the end of last year. One was meeting actor/author Taye Diggs who is currently on a book tour for his second book called Mixed Me (the first is Chocolate Me). It takes the reader on an exciting and colorful journey through a day in the life of a mixed child. In the video below we get to hear thoughts behind the book from both illustrator, Shane Evans, and writer Taye Diggs. You also get a taste of a day in my own life as well. Enjoy!

Of course it wouldn't be a day out without a little fashion. Black on black, you can never go wrong...Plus I got a chance to sport my new Ralph Lauren bag. A Christmas gift.



Jacket | Forever 21

Handbag | Ralph Lauren

Glasses | Warby Parker

Necklace | Tiffany and Co.

After the book signing, we found this amazing home decor store called Twentieth. It sells beautiful and unique home decor items and furniture. It's no wonder so many celebrities shop there. It's breath taking!

I hope you enjoyed! I've got a lot more to share coming up. Talk soon!