Visiting the Griffith Observatory

About three months ago I decided to go on a personal quest in the pursuit of decluttering my life.  My goal is to clear out the things in my life that get in the way of personal success and happiness.  During my quest, my boyfriend recommended a book called, The Essentialist by Greg McKeown. 

I listened to the audiobook every morning with my tea, as I did my makeup and got ready for the day. Simply listening to the book helped me to think about my life and instantly called forward the things that really matter to me. The things that are truly essential.  The book led me to purging my closet of clothing, turning down projects, communicating with my family more, and prioritizing my days tasks better.  There is so much knowledge in it, I am on my second listen and am just as excited to hear it again as I was the first time.  I won’t spoil it for you, but it is a must-read (or listen) if you currently find yourself overwhelmed and are in need of a good life cleanse and priority check.  

This year, a big passion of mine has been peeking out from the back of my mind more and more. Travel. I find myself looking at photos of different parts of the world in awe, wondering when I’ll share the same ground as the people who photographed the images. Then I thought, wait a minute. I live in L.A., a destination place for so many people, and I have yet to fully experience it.  

My boyfriend and I came up with an idea. Cereal Magazine has a tab on their website called “City Guides” and one of the cities is Los Angeles. We’ve decided to use it as a guide and visit a new place in LA every week and document our journey. First up, Griffith Observatory.

Here’s a VLOG of our day

Next week we’ll visit Huntington Botanical Garden. See you then!