March Favorites 2015

I'll admit it, I'm obsessed.  When it comes to fashion and beauty products, I can never get enough. You should see my makeup collection! Or maybe not. Let's not scare you today, alright? Anyway, these are the products and fashion I am currently loving. 

Leather Jacket | Love Culture

I bought this jacket last year and it has become a staple in my wardrobe. It doesn't have too many buckles and the silver isn't too bold, so I can pair it with just about anything. At times I’m lazy and just want to throw on a damn t-shirt and jeans. Adding a leather jacket makes it look like I put in way more effort than I did. Who doesn’t want that?

Love Culture's website was out of this one, but I found some great faux leather moto jackets on the Forever 21 website.

Statment Necklaces and Stud Earrings

Earrings | H & M
Necklace | Aldo

Simple earrings and a statement necklace. It’s been my dress code for the past year and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Okay, I lied. Summer is way too hot to lug a chunky necklace around, but for now, I’m good. Statement necklaces add intrigue and simply stated earrings help balance it all out.

Unfortunately, these earrings are now sold out on both websites, but you can find more studed earrings on H&M's website and great necklaces on Aldo's website as well.

Marc Jacobs | Genius Gel Foundation | 84 Cocoa Medium

One of my favorite summer foundations. It’s oil free, light weight, and most importantly-My shade. Really, I love this foundation. It has a nice glow without the risk of looking like a disco ball. I still set it with a powder because I have oily skin, but when my oil finally break through, my skin looks dewy and really pretty.


Eyebrow Razors

These are a MUST have for me. I don’t like tweezing or waxing my face. It hurts and costs more money over time than I want to spend.  God forbid having a last mate engagement and the nail salon is closed! I use my eyebrow razor every other day when my hair begins to grow out. It’s painless and gives me the exact shape I want every time.

I found some that seem to be promising on Light in Box's website.

NYX Eyebrow Pencil: Brunette

Brows frame the face, so mine need to be on point. My makeup is incomplete without filling in my brows. This is my first time using an NYX brow pencil and, surprisingly, it’s PERFECT. I get precision and the right amount of color deposited without that dreadful waxy buildup.

Marc Jacobs | Style Eye-Con No. 7 | The Starlet 204

The white palette I have is limited edition, but the copper color I’m in love with is in the permanent “Starlet” eyeshadow palette. It’s GORGEOUS! It compliments my brown eyes and brings a beautiful bronze to my face. Every single time I wear it, I get asked what I’m wearing. The color pay off is incredible and it blends beautifully. The only thing Im afraid of is it running out.

NYX | Blush | Copper Sheen

This blush Right Here!!! Is INCREDIBLE on my skin. Every time I wear it it reminds me of Rihanna and JLO’s red carpet bronzed glow. I can’t get enough of it. It’s perfect all year around, but especially in the summer.

ELF | Bronze and Blush

This bronzer is beautiful. It’s just as good as the Nars Casino Bronzer for, what, a tenth of the price? I’ve been using this for a long time-if you couldn't tell by the cracked edge. I use this as a contour shade because true contour colors (the almost grey shades) look like mud on my complexion. This gives definition and bronze at the same time. I love it.

Beauty Blender | Sponge | Solid Cleanser

The beauty blender. What can I say? It blends creams and liquids seamlessly in a fraction of the time. I’ve used other brands, but none are quite as good. It’s kind of a splurge for such a simple product, but the results are worth it. I especially like it for concealer because it keeps the coverage and still blends flawlessly. The only downside is you HAVE to wash it with their special cleanser or it will begin to break apart. It also must be washed after every use, or the product gets stuck in the sponge and it gets harder and harder to clean. Because I’m lazy and suck at washing brushes regularly, I only use this on special occasions.

Yogi | Detox Tea

TMI, I know, but a girl gets backed up from time to time. Told you. This tea keeps me regular. you can drink a cup three times a day or after every meal. I typically drink a cup once a day, either in the morning or night. One week straight of this, and my stomach always looks flatter and more fit.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the beauty products I'm currently obsessing about. Comment below and share your favorites with me. I'm always looking to fuel the beauty junkie in me.