Five Easy Outfits That Look Stylish Without Trying

We all want to look good and feel confident, right? But with so much of how we present ourselves to the world being dependent on what we choose to wear first thing in the morning, it can be difficult to look our best every day. If you're a busy person, a late riser, or just don't like too much fuss with fashion, these tips are for you. The good news is, most of these items you already own! Here are five easy outfit combinations that help you look stylish without trying.

Outfit Combination #1

• Jacket • Jeans • Scarf • Heels •Hat

Accessories can make any outfit instantly pop.


Adding a jacket, scarf, hat and heels to a basic combination of jeans and a tank top may be all you need to give your look extra oomph. Have fun with different scarf patterns and leave the rest neutral, or add a bold heel to your outfit. The options are endless and the time it takes to put it together is less than preparing a pot of coffee.

PS: If you prefer video format, as always, I've got you covered. Check out my Youtube video below.

Outfit Combination #2

• Jumpsuit • Heels • T-shirt • Glasses

Jumpsuits are easy to throw on and always look chic.


Jumpsuits are hero clothing items. Much like a dress, once you put it on, you are almost good to go. This time I opted for heels and a graphic T-shirt, but you could lose the shirt and pair it with boots or sneaker instead. The options are limitless with the right jumpsuit.

Outfit Combination # 3

• Thermal • Oversized Jacket • Combat boots • Jeans • Hat

Adding a hat and oversized jacket can instantly pull together any outfit.

Bring out the tomboy with this ultra Norm Core look. I always feel like a badass when I where combat boots! I recommend raiding your boyfriend's closet for the oversized pieces like I did ;-)


Outfit Combination # 4

• Gingham shirt • Oversized thermal • Hat •Combat boots • Glasses

Norm Core fashion is a perfect solution for style without the fuss.  


This is the perfect combination for a student or professional taking the weekend off to recoup. I use this combination for running errands, going to a park, or "Netflix and Chill". HAHA! I just HAD to say it. :-P

Outfit Combination # 5

• Oversized thermal • Fishnet tights • Long socks • Combat boots • Beret


This outfit is a much sexier version of Norm Core. It's still relaxed and effortless, but showing a bit of leg in fishnets and boots brings it home. I'm wearing an oversized shirt I borrowed from my boyfriend's closet and a pair of his thick socks to keep me warm and turn up the intrigue. I've always like styles like this one. It's confidently sexy because it shows a woman comfortable in her own skin without heels and extra makeup.

So there you have it! The standard of stylish doesn't always have to include a tight fitting dress, sky high heels, and two hours in the mirror. Thirty minutes and a little planning is all you need to walk out of the door feeling your best. Feel free to share your own tips on how to keep us looking fabulous without too much effort.  Until next Thursday, ciao!

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