Bucket List

Recently, I posted a semi-nude photo on Instagram.

Bucket List | Art

Bucket List | Art

I was almost surprised too, but to me, this is art. My image has always been "safe". So safe, that people would occasionally leave comments on YouTube warning me of Big bad L.A. and defining me as quote, “Soft”. Listen, I'm kind, I'm bubbly, and I have kept it safe on YouTube, but "soft" I am not. People forget how much grit and courage it takes to move across country to follow your dreams, put yourself on social media, and grow up literally fighting to survive as a child. But judging by my demeanor, a person wouldn't know that, so I get it.

Being "soft" or "safe" is the death of an artist.  This is why my most desired trait to have is being FEARLESS. I want to LIVE and experience life without condemning myself for every move I make. In truth, it's my natural inclination to do so, and the reason why I must continuously remind myself of my desire to shed it.

Recently I've wanted to express my fashion sense and I've been really anxious about it. Something happens when a person expresses themselves in the fashion world. People judge. What's hot, what's not. She can dress, she looks like shit. So many opinions! I'm tired of being in this safe little box that people want to keep me in. Fashion is artistry. It’s about taking risks as well as being creative. A person with an opinion and a voice. As a woman, I want to be FEARLESS. So yeah, I posted it and I see it as a piece of art. I am not sorry for my expression.

I know there's some of you out there that feel me. #FearlessMe