April Favorites | 2015

April Favorites | 2015

It's that time again! This is when I share the things I've been obsessing over this past month (or more). I share photos, links, and thoughts. Feel free to chime in as well!

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Jamba Juice's Strawberry Surf Rider!

You don't understand my obsession with this drink!...Well, if you've seen my video, maybe you do. Just ask to substitute the lime sherbet for pinapple sherbet if you prefer a little more tang like I do. This = Heaven.

Simple Truth Fruit and Nut Mix with Chocolate Covered Raisons

YUM! I'm a foodie. I can't help that. But I CAN help what I put in my mouth. I snack like its my job, so trail mix always comes in handy. This is on my latest cravings list. This brand typically uses natural ingredients, but be careful! Nuts can be a little fattening if eaten in excess. Check your Local grocery store to try it!

Black Fedora | Goorin Bros

I have been wearing the HECK out of this hat. It goes with everything and gives any outfit ten times more swag. It's my newest accessory must-have and you can find similar styles here.

Denim Shirt | H&M

I got this from H&M about a month ago and this is my second time wearing it. Needless to say, I'm in love. It just looks so damn good on!! It has a bit of stretch in it, so watch out if you use a dryer to dry your laundry. This shrunk a bit, but I wore it anyway. Rather lose a few pounds than throw this gem out. #Motivation

I couldn't find this exact one online, but here are some similar ones from the website here.

Sacred Tiare Shampoo and ConditionerCarols Daughter

These help keep your hair strong without the harsh chemicals. With all the styling I do on YouTube, my hair is prone to dryness and breakage. This gives that extra boost of strength to keep my hair length at its max. Only sold at Target.

Argan Oil Perfect Edges | Creme of Nature

This is my first experience with this brand and I really enjoy this product. I try to avoid gel at all costs because it aids in dryness and breakage. So when I saw this in my boyfriends cabinet, I thought I'd give it a try. Surprisingly, with a soft brush, some water, and a scarf, this product keeps my edges pretty flat and smooth. It not as strong as gel, but gets the job done.  Find this at Sally's or on the Creme of Nature website


Sephora Formula X "Fahrenheit" | Deborah LipP man Hydrating Hardener 

BOMB! The cool tone red nail polish only needs one coat, but two make it really opaque and beautiful! The hydrating hardener polish works WONDERS! My nails are stronger, longer, and more beautiful than ever.

NYX Ultimate Pearl EyeshadowWet n Wild lipstick 918D

Bestill my heart! This eyeshadow as a face highlight--SLAAAAYS! Whenever I want an in-your-face highlight, I grab this. The packaging has seen better days, but I don't let that get in the way. Paired with that deep burgundy lipstick, Honeeey! Three snaps in a circle, FIERCE!

I found the shadow on Amazon here and the lipstick at CVS.

The ExfoliateEuropean Wax Center

When I tell you this stuff works like no other on ingrowns, believe me. It's a gel that gets rid of dead skin cells that build up and cause ingrown hair.  Having coarse hair, I get ingrowns a lot. This product is not greasy and I use of under my arms after waxing. It helps cut down on the ingrowns I get, but I'm not in love with the price. I will buy it again because it's amazing, BUT if I can find a cheaper alternative, I will give another one a try. Any suggestions? 


The hero of my blog surfing nightmares. I hate going through each one of my favorite bloggers websites to look for new content. I want it all in one place where I can instantly see if they have added new content without the fuss.  BlogLovin' is EXACTLY what that is. It puts al of the blogs you follow in one feed and emails you only when your blogger's pages have been updated with new content. I've used it for a couple of months now, and it makes my leisure life so much simpler. I've even added my own blog to it so all of you who hate emails (as much as I do) can view my content as well. Check it out!

That's all for now, beautiful! Share which product you are most interested in trying and feel free to recommend one I should try. Sending love!