6 Reasons You're Afraid to Throw Away Old Clothes

Building a Better Wardrobe: The Mentality

If you’ve read my previous post How To Organize Your Closet, you know that clearing my closet of unnecessary things has been at the forefront of my mind for the last few weeks.  I know you’ve heard it time and time again, “You have to purge your closet in order to make room for new things”.  It’s old news and, quite frankly, very annoying when throwing out your precious possessions is the last thing you want to hear.  

I get it. It took me years to get to the mindset I have today and I still struggle at times.  It’s hard to let go of your stuff—even for celebrities like Kim Kardashian who cried when her husband, Kanye, got rid of 98% of the things in her closet before he replaced them with new things. You see, it doesn’t matter how easily a person can replace old things because it’s not aways about the money. It’s an emotional attachment.

However, the truth is most of us don’t have a mansion with rooms that can hold hundreds of shoes and clothing. Most of us have modest spaces that can only fit a certain amount of clothing before our closets start to feel overwhelmingly cramped. You may have some amazing pieces in your closet, but with all of the “stuff” in the way, you can’t find it. Then you end up rushing out of the house looking subpar to your preference, and another day rolls by of you not living out the vision you have of how you want to look.  It’s kind of sad, right?

We’ve got to break this cycle, today! You know what you have to do, but you first have to change your mentality.

Here are some reasons I’ve pinpointed that may be holding you back from letting things go. Healing begins with recognition. Cliché, but I had to say it.

1.  I Paid Too Much for This. 

Whether you paid $40 or $400, it all adds up. Everyone’s budget is just as unique as their style, so a number that represents "too much" cannot be named, but the sentiment is the same. When you’ve spent your hard earned money on something, it’s hard to let it go. Especially if the brand holds weight in the fashion industry. Here’s the deal, Hoarding it in your closet isn't going to magically make it work for you. It either does or doesn’t.

Solution: Sell it. Make some of that money back and invest it in something else that you’ll wear and love.

2.   It Will Eventually Fit.

This is a touchy subject because I’d never want to recommend you give up on your fitness goals.  Instead I’ll jump to the… 

Solution: Give yourself a fitness goal. If you can’t fit into X by X date, toss it.  A good time frame is 3 months. That way you’ll have an extra push to get fit and fit into your favorite dress again.  One plea, though. Be realistic about your fitness goals. If you can’t drop the weight healthily in a 3 month period,  and aren’t really giving it your all, you may want to reconsider keeping that item.

3.  It’s Sentimental.

In no way would I ever tell you to throw away your Great Great Grandmother’s wedding dress that has been passed down for generations. However, that outfit you wore on your very first date with that guy who is now happily married should probably go. 

Solution: Take a photo of it and stash it in a digital folder somewhere on an external hard drive. When you’re ready to let it go, delete it. Wash your hands of the baggage.

4.  The Perfect Occasion That Never Came.

My mother is notorious for this one. I can’t count how many things I’ve bought her that she won't wear because she’s waiting for the perfect moment.  I’ve got news, today is the day. You’re alive and breathing-that’s a miracle! Have a little fun and be a fashionista on a Tuesday.

Solution: If deep down you know you won’t wear it, donate it. Give it to someone who’s perfect occasion happens to be tomorrow.

5.  The Fear of Never Getting More or Better.

This was huge for me. I didn’t have much growing up, so I clung to everything I had. This made me a hoarder of old things and it was a very hard habit to break. I guess deep down I was afraid I may never have enough financially to treat myself to more.  I always had this voice in my head telling me that I better hold on to that old item “just in case”. Over the years I accumulated so many worn and dusty items that I habitually skipped over in my closet. I’ve wasted so much time putting on outfits and realizing, “oh, this shirt is the one with the missing button”. Never again.

Solution: Have faith in yourself. We can never repaint the past but most of us have control of our future.  We CAN dictate our finances. If you have a job that doesn’t pay you enough, find a new one. If you always buy cheap clothes you end up throwing away, start saving for what you really want. We may not all be able to buy the wardrobe of our dreams in one day, but we can all make small adjustments each shopping trip that help us achieve our style goals.

6.  Laziness. 

I don’t have to explain this one.

Solution:  Just do it. Now. My biggest motivation was imagining all of the space I’d have to get more clothes. If that doesn’t work, imagine cutting your morning routine time in half. Get rid of the excess and find what you really want to wear faster.

I’m on this journey with you and in the next few weeks I’ll be cleaning out my closet and showing you all on my Youtube channel. So tune in next Thursday to watch me purge my unwanted tops.

It’s time we bring the vision of our best selves to life.  Why not let our beautiful personalities shine through our clothing as well? It’s time to show yourself (and the world) what you’ve got!

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P.S. No maxing out credit cards today. Baby steps, baby steps :-)

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